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Host Latasha Morrison is a New York Times Best Selling author of Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation, ECPA Book of the year 2021, bridge-builder, reconciler, speaker and a compelling voice in the fight for racial justice.

The Be the Bridge podcast is an additional resource to cultivate conversations that will hopefully lead to real change for individuals and groups pursuing racial reconciliation.

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  • Gloria Umanah on the Be the Bridge Podcast

Ep 281 | Hope Booth with Gloria Umanah

Find this episode and subscribe on Gloria Umanah, the visionary behind Hope Booth, uses her own lived experiences to passionately fight for those who feel invisible. In this episode, Gloria generously shares her story with the Be the Bridge community and the story behind Hope Booth. She and Latasha connect over their Yoruba names and over being Black [...]

  • National Adoption Month on the Be the Bridge Podcast with Cam Lee Small

Ep 280 | National Adoption Month with Cam Lee Small

Find this episode and subscribe on Counselor, Author, and Speaker Cam Lee Small joins Latasha Morrison on the Be the Bridge Podcast during National Adoption Month to help shift the culture and church’s narrative surrounding adoption. As a transracial adoptee himself, Cam brings his lived experience and his professional work to this conversation. They discuss the tension of [...]

  • Be the Bridge Podcast with Kayla Craig of Liturgies for Parents

Ep 279 | “Every Season Sacred” with Kayla Craig

Find this episode and subscribe on Kayla Craig is a former journalist who brings deep curiosity and a prophetic voice to her writing in her books Every Season Sacred and To Light Their Way and on her popular Instagram account, Liturgies for Parents. In this episode, Latasha and Kayla share hope and lament. They talk about the beauty [...]

  • Terry Wildman and the First Nations Version

Ep 278 | The First Nations Version with Terry Wildman and featuring Mariah Humphries

Find this episode and subscribe on Terry Wildman, whose ancestry includes Ojibwe from Ontario, Canada and Yaqui from Sonora, Mexico, is the lead translator, general editor, and project manager of the First Nations Version. He serves as the director of spiritual growth and leadership development for Native InterVarsity. And in this episode, he shares the story behind how [...]

  • Dr. Eloise Sepeda on Restorative Justice & Transformative Justice Practices

Ep 277 | Decolonized Restorative & Transformative Justice Work with Dr. Eloise Sepeda

Find this episode and subscribe on Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Human Rights Advocate, Dr. Eloise Sepeda joins Latasha Morrison to talk about how we can prevent cycles of oppression and marginalization. Her lived experience and research informs her work in Restorative-Transformative Justice. Dr. Eloise and Latasha talk about discipline in schools, developing empathy, and appreciating different perspectives. [...]

  • Be the Bridge Podcast episode 276 with Angela Gonzalez

Ep 276 | Leading as a Latina Woman with Angela Gonzalez

Find this episode and subscribe on Social Impact Leader, TBRI Practitioner, and Non-Profit Executive Director of The Nurture Place, Angela Gonzalez shares her story of being part of a local Be the Bridge group on this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast with Latasha Morrison during Hispanic + Latine Heritage Month. They discuss how creating brave spaces [...]

  • Be the Bridge Podcast episode 275 with Jasmine Holmes

Ep 275 | Proclaiming Black Dignity in History with Jasmine Holmes

Find this episode and subscribe on Historian, Author, and Educator Jasmine Holmes joins Latasha Morrison on this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast to talk about her books, her Instagram classroom, and her own educational journey. They both share the crucial moments in their journeys of this work and how pivotal having a community of Black women [...]

  • Sharon McMahon

Ep 274 | Democracy, Truth, and Hope with Sharon McMahon

Find this episode and subscribe on As students and teachers go back to school, we are also going back to school on the Be the Bridge Podcast with America’s Government Teacher Sharon McMahon! You might know Sharon from her Instagram account, SharonSaysSo, or from her Podcast, Here’s Where It Gets Interesting. Sharon’s mission of curating facts, fun, and [...]

  • Terence Lester on the Be the Bridge Podcast

Ep 273 | “All God’s Children” with Dr. Terence Lester

Find this episode and subscribe on Storyteller and public scholar, community activist and author Dr. Terence Lester invests his wealth of wisdom and stories from his own experience into the Be the Bridge community in this conversation with Latasha Morrison. Dr. Lester shares about his restorative work with Love Beyond Walls, a non-profit which is bringing true social [...]

  • BIPOC Mental Health Month episode with Dr. Chinwé Williams

Ep 272 | BIPOC Mental Health Month with Dr. Chinwé Williams

Find this episode and subscribe on In this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast, host Latasha Morrison engages in a powerful discussion with Licensed Professional Counselor Dr. Chinwé Williams surrounding mental health. They talk through the collective trauma the world has endured and the racial trauma the BIPOC community endures. Dr. Chinwé shares about the benefits of [...]

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