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Host Latasha Morrison is a New York Times Best Selling author of Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation, ECPA Book of the year 2021, bridge-builder, reconciler, speaker and a compelling voice in the fight for racial justice.

The Be the Bridge podcast is an additional resource to cultivate conversations that will hopefully lead to real change for individuals and groups pursuing racial reconciliation.

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Episode 239 | Black History: Education with Benjamin Wills

Black History: Education with Benjamin Wills Find this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you stream your podcasts. What does it look like for students, families and communities to flourish? As Founder and Head of School for Peace Preparatory Academy, Benjamin Wills is committed to finding out. In this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast, he joins [...]

Episode 238 | Black Church History with Dr. Will Gravely

Black Church History with Dr. Will Gravely Listen & Subscribe Scholar, leader, professor, and pastor Dr. Will Gravely joins Latasha Morrison on this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast for a conversion that dives deep into church history, multi-ethnic churches and the way forward for the American church. They discuss the history, theology, [...]

Episode 237 | Take It To The Bridge: Transracial Adoption

Take It To The Bridge: Transracial Adoption Listen & Subscribe On this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast, founder and host Latasha Morrison is joined by Be the Bridge TRA Educators Tiffany Henness and Gina Fimbel to discuss transracial adoption. They talk about the importance of centering adoptee voices and of learning from [...]

Episode 236 | Eugene Cho

Eugene Cho Listen & Subscribe Is social justice compatible with the gospel? Should Christians be engaged in politics? Pastor Eugene Cho joins Be the Bridge founder and podcast host Latasha Morrison on this episode to discuss these questions and more. He brings wise insight into faithful living in this time. You’ll be pastored and [...]

Be the Bridge Podcast: Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 In this fun holiday episode, Founder and Podcast host Latasha Morrison chats with her friend and Be the Bridge’s Director of Programs, Patricia Taylor, about all things Hallmark! They discuss the progress Hallmark has made over the years in their movies regarding diversity and representation in all forms (be prepared for a few spoilers!). Latasha and Patricia [...]

Episode 235 | Dominique Gilliard

Dominique Gilliard Listen & Subscribe Our next guest on the Be the Bridge Podcast is Dominique Gilliard, author and Director of Racial Righteousness and Reconciliation for the Evangelical Covenant Church. Tune in as Dominique dives into why the church must be at the forefront of conversations in our culture surrounding systemic injustices and inequities. [...]

Episode 234 | Megan B. Brown

Megan B. Brown Our next guest on the Be the Bridge Podcast is Megan B. Brown! Megan’s unique perspective as a woman of color, military spouse, and Bible study leader allows for a vulnerable conversation with our founder Latasha Morrison. Megan shares her journey of embracing her ethnic identity as well as the importance of reading Scripture with the [...]

Episode 233 | Dr. Eric Mason

Eric Mason In this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast, Dr. Eric Mason joins Latasha for a deep conversation surrounding deconstruction, biblical literacy and racial reconciliation. This episode is full of biblical wisdom, cultural insight, and resource recommendations from Dr. Mason that you won't want to miss. “The Gospel restores all people's dignity. It makes us fully in [...]

Episode 232 | Be the Bridge Ministry

Be the Bridge Ministry The Be the Bridge Ministry Facebook Group was created last year and serves as a space for those in leadership in the church to lean into the conversation of racial righteousness, to learn, to grow and to help the Church lead in a proactive way. In this episode, Be the Bridge founder Latasha [...]

Episode 231 | Ellie Holcomb

Ellie Holcomb Ellie Holcomb is a singer-songwriter and author based in Nashville, TN who joins Latasha Morrison on this episode to discuss her personal journey toward racial righteousness. She shares how she started a Be the Bridge group, how this bridge-building work has impacted her life and a recent trip she took to the Grand Canyon, and [...]

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