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In 2015, our founder Latasha Morrison, gathered a diverse group of friends to take a deep-dive into issues of race. At the table were Black women, Asian women, white transracial adoptive mothers, single women, older women…

Tasha’s friends committed to meeting together regularly. They would open up the Scriptures, talk, listen, laugh, cry, and pray. Between meetings, they educated themselves about our country’s racial history. Sure enough, over time, each person’s life was changed. And they all agreed that if every person in our country had the opportunity to take part in a group like theirs, real healing along racial lines could take place.

That’s how Be the Bridge was born.

Local Be the Bridge groups continue to be the heart and soul of our organization. All over the country, there are hundreds of groups meeting in living rooms, churches, college campuses and coffee shops to engage in important conversations around race.

If you would like to be a part of a group, connect with others in our Facebook group.

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How to Get Your Group Started:

1. Be Intentional

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s not about how quickly a group can get off the ground but about making intentional decisions that move you and those in your circle of influence toward racial justice and reconciliation.

2. Gather Friends

The Building Bridges Discussion Guide 3.0 is designed to be used by a multi-racial group of 6-12 individuals. Find those with a heart for racial reconciliation to start a new group.

3. Get our Guides

The Building Bridges guide is a 10-session study on the key steps in the racial reconciliation process: Awareness, Acknowledgement and Lament, Guilt and Shame, Confession, Forgiveness, Repentance, Reparation, Restoration, and Reproduction.

4. Start Meeting!

Groups should meet for 10 sessions spanning 9-12 months. Each session builds on the next, so it’s important to gather people who are committed to growth. We recommend that groups be co-led by a white person and a person of color.

Our Leader’s Guide will walk you through the process of leading each session.
There is also a Facebook group just for leaders to ask questions and get advice from other leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building Bridges

Discussion Guide 3.0

The Building Bridges Discussion Guide is designed to lead a multi-racial group of 6-12 people through a 10-session study on the key steps in the racial reconciliation process. The Leader’s Guide & Kit provides helpful suggestions about group selection and structure, shepherding a group through difficult topics, preparation for group times, and additional background information on each topic.

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Other Alternatives to Groups

Don’t have time or not ready for a group yet? Here are other options for starting your bridge-building journey.

Host a Book Club

There are amazing books out there to help you begin to unpack race in America and get you to a more educated place to lead and participate. Check out our list of recommended books and resources.

Recommended Books

Work through Whiteness

If you are white, you can work through Be the Bridge 101 for White Bridge Builders, either alone or with a small group.

Learn More

Start a Movie Group

Get together with friends to watch movies that deal with racial issues and discuss. Check out our list of recommended movies and documentaries.

Recommended Movies

Be Intentional

If you realize the issue is not having enough people in your life who are interested or who are a different race than you, spend the next year being intentional about investing in, creating, growing, or solidifying those cross-racial friendships. This may mean making some changes in your life to make sure you have a chance to cross paths with a broader range of people.


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