I’m thinking about leading a BTB Group. What are the first steps I should take?

Start with prayer–a lot of prayer.
Listen to the voice of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to others with the same heart for racial reconciliation.

Establish your purpose:
Why do you want to start a BTB Group? What do you want to see God do?

If you are not a member already, request to join the Be the Bridge to Racial Unity Facebook group.

Focus first on your own transformation and liberation.
If you’re a POC, focus on self-care— limiting your intake of triggering material, news, videos, etc. Educate yourself by reading some of our recommended books and find a safe community to talk and engage with. You can join our POC Support Group. If you are a white person, start to intentionally listen to people of color and educate yourself on the issues.

How do I find people to participate?

Ask your friends and your larger social network (people at work, church, school, etc.)

The BTB to Racial Unity Facebook group has a post for each state. Find your state and find other bridge-builders in your state.

Use social media.

Check with your church leadership to find out if there’s a way to let people from your congregation know about your group.

Be aware that not everyone is in a place mentally, emotionally, or spiritually to engage in the work of racial bridge-building. Try not to be discouraged if your attempts to find group members are met with rejection or take more time than you anticipated. This work is incredibly challenging. In the end, it will be more beneficial to find group members who are “all in” than trying to convince others to join you.

What is the ideal makeup of a BTB group?

BTB groups should be co-led.
It is essential that at least one of those leaders is a person of color.

Groups should consist of 6-12 people of different ethnic backgrounds.
Also try to be as diverse as you can with marital status, age, geography, and other demographics.

It’s preferable that no one person should be the only representative of any racial or ethnic group, so no one feels the pressure of being the sole spokesperson for their race/ethnicity.

Ideally, groups would include at least as many people of color as white people.

OK, I’ve taken all the steps listed above, and I’m ready to lead a group. Now what do I do?

Request to join the BTB Group Leaders Facebook group where you can glean a wealth of wisdom from experienced group leaders.

Register your group.

Find at least two trusted friends or ministry partners to pray for you, your co-leader, and your group. Prayer support is essential.

Invite people in your community to join you on this journey.

Join our Online Community

Our Facebook group is a community of people who share a common goal of creating healthy dialogue about race and racialization in the U.S., with an emphasis on promoting understanding about racial disparities and injustices. The purpose of this forum is to create a safe and positive space for both learners and well-seasoned reconcilers to ask questions and process thoughts and ideas.

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