Anti-Racism and Racial Reconciliation Training

We deliver dynamic and interactive workshops and train your staff on cultural intelligence, anti-racism and implicit bias. As your organizational culture changes, you will find that retention increases because employees feel seen, heard and valued. Your organization will gain a reputation as a welcoming and inclusive place to work and/or worship.

We accomplish these objectives by focusing on the “The Five Bridges”:

  • Foundational Bridge – The ethics of reconciliation
  • Personal Bridge – Review key definitions to maximize communication
  • Professional Bridge – Practical application of anti-racism principles to minimize harm and maximize results
  • Historical Bridge – A holistic review of history that includes perspectives of every ethnic group.
  • Bridge of Hope – A vision of a better world on the other side of conquering racism

What People are Saying

“In the course of the training I felt that I was led over and over from the mirror to the window to the door, beginning with honesty, moving to possibility, and invited to action.”
Paul E.
“This training is a must for anyone who wants to have an honest and genuine dialogue about racism that incorporates authentic examples, specific incidents, significant systems, and the profound impact that racism can have on individuals and a society.”
“Be The Bridge offers an opportunity for deep and meaningful discussion on racial reconciliation in a way that is both professional and challenging. Stretched, I left with a new commitment to look inward regarding my own journey of racial reconciliation and outward trying to reach out respectfully in the spirit of this training.”
Robert L.
“This training was so eye-opening and was shared with grace that I don’t deserve, and yet grace abounded. Thank you.”
“I found this training to be profoundly insightful and affirming. I am excited to envision how best to engage the church in conversation that can lead to true transformation learning what it means to be a bridge in 21st century USA.”
Abel V.
“I’ve already recommended Be the Bridge to two different friends who work for Christian non-profits! I can speak highly enough about the training and the space it created for our staff to dig deep, open up to one another around issues of racism, and take big steps forward towards racial reconciliation.”
Nicole S.

Customized Workshops

We offer both faith-based and values-based training in three-day customized workshops for organizations and communities that are committed to moving toward racial healing and reconciliation.

How can we help your organization take the next steps toward racial literacy and cultural competency?

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Our Facebook group is a community of people who share a common goal of creating healthy dialogue about race and racialization in the U.S., with an emphasis on promoting understanding about racial disparities and injustices. The purpose of this forum is to create a safe and positive space for both learners and well-seasoned reconcilers to ask questions and process thoughts and ideas.

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