Anti-Racism and Racial Reconciliation Training & Consulting

We deliver dynamic and interactive workshops and train your staff on cultural intelligence, anti-racism and implicit bias. As your organizational culture changes, you will find that retention increases because employees feel seen, heard and valued. Your organization will gain a reputation as a welcoming and inclusive place to work and/or worship.

Customized Workshops

We offer three-day customized workshops for organizations and communities, with the purpose of moving your organization toward racial healing and reconciliation.

Our consulting services include a thorough organizational analysis and comprehensive diversity audit.

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How can we help your organization take the next steps toward racial literacy and cultural competency?

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Our Facebook group is a community of people who share a common goal of creating healthy dialogue about race and racialization in the U.S., with an emphasis on promoting understanding about racial disparities and injustices. The purpose of this forum is to create a safe and positive space for both learners and well-seasoned reconcilers to ask questions and process thoughts and ideas.

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