A guide for ministering to the needs of BIPOC.

Be the Bridge acknowledges the needs of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) who are asked to carry a heavy load while bridge-building. The burden put on BIPOC who are members of Be the Bridge groups often goes unseen and inadequately addressed. Be the Bridge is committed to be a healing agent in the lives of BIPOC, as well as equipping them to discover and dismantle the white supremacy in their own minds and hearts. To this end, we have developed a guide specifically for BIPOC to engage in the process of healing.

Be Informed and Build Awareness.

Our discussion guide We Need to Talk: A BIPOC Guide to Healing Ourselves was created by people of color, for people of color to engage in transformative and healing conversations.

The guide tackles internalized racism, classism, interracial prejudice and many more important topics.

With a practical plan for self-care, this discussion guide offers a starting place for some of the essential conversations we must have with each other so that we can unpack the ways that we have also harmed one another under the force of the white supremacy.

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