A safe and brave space for BIPOC

While Be the Bridge is committed to educating and equipping bridge-builders to better understand racial history and injustice, we are just as committed to being a space where Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) are centered, celebrated and cared for.

Through our BIPOC Community group and resources, we support and equip BIPOC to dismantle the white supremacy in their own hearts—but more importantly, to heal.

A Guide to Healing Ourselves

Our discussion guide We Need to Talk: A BIPOC Guide to Healing Ourselves was created by people of color, for people of color to engage in transformative and healing conversations. Throughout its six sessions, “We Need to Talk” covers everything from internalized racism and colorism to classism and interracial prejudice.

With a practical plan for self-care, this discussion guide offers a starting place for some of the essential conversations we must have with each other so that we can unpack the ways that we have also harmed one another under the force of the white supremacy.

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A Guide to Recovering from Racial Trauma

In this free video series and accompanying guide, you will learn about trauma, grief, anger, and how our bodies give us warnings of our internal pain. More importantly, you will receive ways to recognize trauma when it happens or when it reappears—and how to take steps toward long-term healing.

We have drawn from the expertise, both professional and personal, of three therapists from the BIPOC faith community:

  • Multiple Faces of Anger with Dr. David Daesoo Kim
  • Good Grief with Brittany Phillips
  • Surviving and Thriving with Dr. Debbie Stevens
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For those in the BIPOC community who are seeking a safe and brave space, our BIPOC Care Group exists for you to come as you are, to connect and to heal alongside other BIPOC.

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I’m incredibly grateful for the work your team put into creating this guide and the space to talk through it together with others. I cannot recommend this enough! For any BIPOC looking for a space to start that healing journey, or even just to have a reminder along the way that you’re not alone, this is a group and resource that should NOT be missed!
Sunil M.
Colorism is a subject that is often swept under the rug and not discussed. So at first, it was challenging for me to even acknowledge it or the ways that it has impacted my life. But by talking about it in this space with others who can understand, it frees so many! It definitely brought me healing.
Renae J.

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