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Who We Are

Authentic racial bridge-builders.

Our vision is to be a credible witness to authentic racial bridge-building, racial literacy, and personal and organizational transformation. Our heart and passion is to display God’s glory by inspiring the Church to have a distinctive and transformative response to racial division.

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This is how We do it

1. Get Informed

Bridge-building starts with learning. You don’t know what you don’t know. Start here.

2. Get Involved

Whether you’re an adult or middle school, high school or college student, you can be a bridge-builder. Learn how to join or start a group.

3. Be the Bridge

Those who learn our unique approach to bridge-building will begin to impact their communities, churches, schools and governments. They pull other people into the conversation.

4. Give

Be the Bridge is a non-profit organization who counts on your generosity to continue this important work.

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Jeremy: Learning to Listen

The Bridge to Racial Unity

Listen to stories from some of our BTB Group members.