Gift Acceptance Policy

The following policies and guidelines govern acceptance of gifts made to Be The Bridge for the benefit of any of itsoperations, programs or services.

  1. Be The Bridge solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission and that support its core programs,as well as special projec
  2. Donations and other forms of support will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations,foundations, government agencies, or other entitie When considering whether to solicit or accept gifts, theorganization will consider the following factors:

Values—Does the acceptance of the gift compromises any of the core values of BTB?

Compatibility—Is there compatibility between the intent of the donor and the organization’s use of the gift?

Public Relationships—Will acceptance of the gift damage the reputation of BTB?

Primary Benefit—Is the primary benefit to BTB, versus the donor?

Consistency—Is acceptance of the gift consistent with prior practice?

Form of Gift—Is the gift offered in a form that BTB can use without incurring substantial expense ordifficulty?

Effect on Future Giving—Will the gift encourage or discourage future gifts?

  1. Gifts of Real Property, Personal Property or Securities may only be accepted upon approval of the CEO and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.
  2. All decisions to solicit and/or accept potentially controversial gifts will be made by the Finance Committee of the Board in consultation with the The primary consideration will be the impact of the gift on the organization. Be The Bridge will not accept gifts that (a) would result in the organization violating its corporate charter, (b) wouldresult in the organization losing its status as an IRC § 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, (c) are too difficult or tooexpensive to administer in relation to their value, (d) would result in any unacceptable consequences for the organization, or (e) are for purposes outside the organization’s mission. Decisions on the restrictive nature of a gift,and its acceptance or refusal, shall be made by the Finance Committee, in consultation with the CEO.
  3. Be The Bridge will seek the advice of legal counsel in matters relating to acceptance of gifts whenappropriate. Be The Bridge urges all prospective donors to seek the assistance of personal legal and financialadvisors in matters relating to their gifts, including the resulting tax and estate planning consequence