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Renee Crosby is an account executive living in Austin, TX, and she is fundraising for Be the Bridge.  She has not yet participated in a Bridge group, but since 2015 she has engaged in the Be the Bridge to Racial Unity discussion group on Facebook. This has opened her heart and eyes to new perspectives.  We are so grateful for Renee, her willingness to learn, and her desire to help reach others through Be the Bridge.

Why did you decide to join the Race to Austin?

I want to share about the work Be the Bridge has been doing in my life and in communities around the globe.  While I’ve had friends who look different from me most of my life, I grew up believing being color blind was the goal. When I joined the Be the Bridge community a few years ago, I was seriously challenged to reconsider that view.  I can honestly say that my perspective on race, my own privilege, and the church’s role in racial reconciliation has shifted for the better because of the education, example, and space this organization has created.

Be the Bridge has been a wonderful listening and learning ground for me.  I feel like I’m learning more every day about how to be a better ally.  It has given me tools and verbiage to engage family and friends in better conversations and, more importantly, it is a constant reminder to just be quiet at times with my friends of color and listen to their experience without adding my own.

So, I wanted to join the Race to Austin to bring awareness about the resources Be the Bridge offers, to encourage and support Tasha’s work, and to share how it has impacted my own perspective.

If you could offer encouragement to someone who is thinking of giving financially to Be the Bridge, what would you tell them? 

Many people just don’t know what to do to impact the conversation. Giving is a great first step! Scripture tells us where your treasure goes, your heart follows. I’m always blown away at how this principle manifests in my life. My generosity impacts others and in return, my own heart is changed!

I’m hopeful that as people see and hear the impact Be the Bridge is having in my life and in the lives of others, they will want to give so that resources can continue to be shared and new things created. Giving financially is absolutely critical for the ministry to continue.

To give to Renee’s fundraising campaign, click here.

Renee walking in the MLK Parade with Be the Bridge