Our “Race to Austin” winners hail from the desert oasis Las Vegas, Nevada.  Stacey Shields and Rosie Armstrong are co-leaders of a Be The Bridge group that formed about a year ago.  After interviewing them both about their beginnings as bridge builders and their hopes for the race, it was only fitting to do a follow-up about them winning.  Here’s what they had to say:

Congratulations!! How do you feel about winning?

Stacey: It’s all overwhelming, but we are so grateful.

Rosie: Overwhelmed, but super excited about God’s faithfulness.

Why did you decide to do the fundraiser?

Rosie: We really believe in the message of Be the Bridge and the conversation.

How was the campaign experience for you?

Stacey: It was uncomfortable but also humbling.

Rosie: Scary, especially going to people in our church.  But they believed in Be The Bridge, so we pushed past our fears and let God lead.  When you are on the same page with the Lord, fear is removed.

Stacey: We were anxious, trying to reach out to everyone we knew.  It was overwhelming, especially since we had just started the group.  People realized how passionate we were and we got a lot of support from our church family.

What was the best part about participating in the campaign for you?

Stacey: The positive response and having so many on board.  It was also amazing just seeing God move.  We had a large last minute push and someone ended up making a large donation.  If you speak it and name it, God will move in amazing ways.

What are you most excited about in regards to winning?

Stacey: It is all a little overwhelming.  Being able to sit with Tasha and talk to her about the process of using the Be the Bridge curriculum at church and even discussing maybe a high school, middle school and elementary school curriculum.  I’m a longtime follower of Jen Hatmaker and her ministry so meeting her will be remarkable.

Rosie: I’m excited to meet both Tasha and Jen.  I really want to be able to sit and listen to their story, how they met, how their group formed, and how they’ve been able to move the conversation forward.

“God presented us with an opportunity and we had to take it.  He desires us to be honest and truthful with Him and we are also called to be that with one another.  It was important for us to participate.”

We are so appreciative of the hard work put in by Stacey, Rosie and all those who participated in the fundraiser! We wish Stacey and Rosie a wonderful time in Austin with Tasha and Jen and hope they find the perfect breakfast taco!!

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