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“The easiest way, the clearest and simplest explanation of Juneteenth is that it’s the day that celebrates the official end of slavery as we knew it at the time on June 19, 1865.” -Garrison Hayes

On Juneteenth, we hold both celebration and solidarity for what the day means. Juneteenth marks Freedom Day, the day when the news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached down to Texas.

Union troops arrived in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865 carrying the message that the more than 250,000 enslaved Black people in the state were free. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued on January 1, 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln, so it took over two years for the news of freedom to be fully heard and realized. June 19 became known as Juneteenth, a combination of the words June and nineteenth.

The Be the Bridge Podcast

For the past three years, the Be the Bridge Podcast has taken time to honor the history and present our community with an opportunity to learn.

In 2021, Dr. Claudia May came on the podcast. Along with being a professor and the Director of the Reconciliation Studies Program at Bethel University, Dr. May is a poet, scholar, and award-winning children’s book author. She joined Latasha to discuss Juneteenth. They dove into the history, the beauty, the complexities around the important day.

In 2022, Rasool Berry was featured on our bonus Juneteenth episode. The pastor, content creator, and scholar shared the important historical and spiritual contexts of Juneteenth. This Jubilee Day carried weighty implications for faith and society then and continues to today. Dr. Will Gravely hosted this incredible conversation for the Be the Bridge community.

Last year, Garrison Hayes joined Latasha on the podcast. Garrison is a filmmaker, creator, business owner, and the author of A Kids Book About Juneteenth. He and Latasha discussed the historical context of Juneteenth and how to not water down this holiday but truly center Black joy and Black resilience. They also talked about reconstruction and urban renewal.

Each of these conversations carries depth, context, and hope. Listen to each one to gain historical insight into Juneteenth and important current reflections about the holiday.

Be the Bridge Podcast Juneteenth episode with Dr. Claudia May
Be the Bridge Podcast Juneteenth episode with Rasool Berry
Be the Bridge Podcast episode with Garrison Hayes

Recommended Resources

There are so many great resources to gain knowledge about Juneteenth and help those in your family and community hold solidarity and celebration around it. We have compiled a few of our favorites to share with you.

“Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom” Documentary from VOICES from Our Daily Bread Ministries 

“Why is Juneteenth Important?” Featuring Rasool Berry on the Jude 3 Project Podcast

A Kids Book About Juneteenth by Garrison Hayes

A Kids Book About Juneteenth by Garrison Hayes

The Story of Juneteenth by Dorena Williamson

The Story of Juneteenth by Dorena Williamson
Juneteenth Writing Prompts

One of our Be the Bridge community members and group leader, Alicia Brown, is a Certified IEW Writing Instructor, mom of 4, and a homeschool veteran.  She put together Juneteenth Writing Prompts for 3rd – 12th graders in your life. You can use them at home and share them with educators you know.

BTB Juneteenth Crawl

We want to spend Juneteenth with the Be the Bridge community in Atlanta! Together, we will listen and learn about the historic significance of Juneteenth while doing a Juneteenth crawl down the Altanta BeltLine.

BTB Juneteenth Crawl

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