You belong here.

Find your place with us as we build bridges and amplify our voices for the unheard in our community, both locally and globally.

Who We Are

Be The Bridge Youth is about truth-telling, justice-work and community-building. We believe in the power of reconciliation, and we know that we need truth and justice for that power to be released.

Be the Bridge Youth is committed to helping young people — from middle school through college — create brave spaces on their campuses and in their communities where the truth is told, justice is fought for, and reconciliation is possible.

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Get Started

1. Give Grace

You’re probably learning a lot of new information and some of it can be hard to process. It is not your fault if you weren’t taught this before. A lot of people don’t know that truth about our past or even our present, so take your time.

2. Press Pause

Because you’re learning a lot of information, some of which may be very hard to digest, it can feel like you’re drinking from a fire hydrant. It’s okay to press pause from time to time to let yourself process and digest before moving forward.

3. Find Community

We are not meant to do any of our life’s journey alone, but especially not when are committing ourselves to do the hard work of fighting for equity in our society. Find a trusted a friend, a small group, a mentor, a teacher, someone that you can process your journey with. It will make a world of difference.

4. Know When To Walk Away

A lot of times when we learn new and life-changing information we are eager to share it with those that we love and care about. Unfortunately, when dealing with truth, justice, race, and reconciliation, everyone is not always ready to hear what we are learning and what we have to say about it. That’s okay. Give them the space and grace to get started when they’re ready, and commit to being available to help them process when they are.

5. Resources

Click here for a list of books to check out yourself, or to recommend to others that might want more information about this new journey that you’re on.

You Belong Here!

We’re training the next generation of Anti-Racist Bridge-Builders!

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