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Learning. Listening.
Doing the work.

In the Whiteness Intensive course, we break down the core components of Whiteness such as privilege, culture, socialization, identity, supremacy, and fragility as well as offered guidance on raising white children and removing the white-wash from history.

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What you get:

Access to the Facebook group for 6 months where 16 classes are pre-recorded to watch as you’re able.

Topics include history, white supremacy, white fragility, white culture, privilege, parenting, tips for bridge-builders, and more.

Discussion questions and additional resources

Live Q&A sessions every other month for the duration of the course

How does it work?

The course is accessible online in a private Facebook group. Once you or your group pays for entry, you will be able to access 16 prerecorded lessons, each about 60-90 minutes long, and the accompanying resources and discussion questions to go with them. In addition to the lectures, you have 6 months of access to the private group to ask questions, and seek clarification.

There are two ways to take the course. You can take it on your own or at a discounted rate as a small group. Our past small groups have raved about the value of doing the class together. Members watch the lectures independently and then gather weekly to process the information and work through the discussion questions.

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  • Understanding Terms
  • White Fragility
  • White Culture and Socialization
  • White Supremacy
  • White Privilege
  • White Identity
  • Parenting White Kids
  • Tips for White Bridge Builders
  • The History of Race in the US in 6 lessons
  • Live Q&A sessions with Elizabeth and Micah


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only for white people?2020-01-27T08:55:36-05:00

It isn’t only for white people, but please be aware that it is directed toward white people with lots of truth and honesty, and may be triggering for you if you are a person of color.

Is the course Christian?2020-01-27T08:55:06-05:00

While there are theological components, we have had both Christians and non-Christians take it and benefit from it.

Do you offer any discounts?2020-01-27T08:54:51-05:00

Right now the only discount is the group rate, feel free to recruit a large group to bring the individual cost down!

I have a group of people who want to take the course, how should we do that?2020-01-27T08:53:56-05:00

We recommend watching the videos on your own then meeting every week or two to work through the discussion questions.

Do you have to have Facebook?2020-01-27T08:53:09-05:00

Yes, though you are welcome to create an account just for the course and then delete it.

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If you are a white person who wants to go deep to learn about the true history of race in America and your own involvement in a culture that still divides people based on the color of their skin, I highly recommend this. Even if you are not Christian, this course is extremely valuable because they highlight the role of the church in American systemic racism without centering everything around that frame. I learned a lot and also felt very well-supported by the teachers and other people who were on this learning journey.

BTB White Intensive is both intense and accessible. It’s intense in the breadth of material shared by knowledgeable teachers backed with helpful resources. It’s accessible because one can spend time going through the material in both real time and/or on one’s own timeframe to get the most from the teaching. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking exposure at a Class 100-200 course level. Expect to be changed, for the good.


This is a LIFE-CHANGING course. I cannot recommend it more enthusiastically!! Thoughtfully prepared and communicated. I especially loved the live panel discussion that follows weeks of deep learning.


I learned so much from this course. I felt like it enabled me to be a more informed and aware parent and community member. I know it is just a start on a lifelong journey to divest in my whiteness and invest in the Body of Christ.


Every white person needs this course, period. And no matter what stage of identity development you’re in, you will find something you need here.


I never felt like I could engage in conversations because I had too many holes in my history and this class gave me confidence.


I didn’t know where to begin. This course began with me – challenging me in a unique way, in an intimate setting, with thought-provoking content each week. Life-changing isn’t too strong to describe it.


This was amazing! Micah and Elizabeth are humble, brilliant, and insightful leaders for white people wanting to help create a more racially just society.


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