Intentional cross-race parenting

Although no one can fully prepare for parenthood—biological or adoptive—cross-race parenting comes with unique challenges. Unfortunately, many white parents enter transracial adoption ill-equipped to deal with the racial realities their children will face.

As a white adoptive parent, the best way to support your child is by educating yourself first. And we’re here to help build that bridge for you.

That’s why we created our guide, Transracial Adoption: Foundational Principles for Healthy Cross-Race Parenting—to offer a clear and simplified path for white parents who are beginning their transracial adoptive journey or parents who are already transracial adoptive parents.

With our Transracial Adoption Guide, you will:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of transracial adoption

  • Learn from first-person adult adoptee accounts about their experiences growing up in a multi-ethnic family

  • Increase your racial literacy and explore the ethics of adoption

  • Learn skills that will help your child form a positive racial-ethnic identity

  • Learn how to facilitate positive racial-ethnic socialization

  • Understand how to protect and prepare your child to live in a world where race has social implications

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Transracial Adoption: Common Questions from White Adoptive Parents