Retonia knew when she left a predominately White church that was not a healthy place for her, that she needed to connect with people in a real, honest way.  She wanted community with others who loved God and loved each other.  So she started a Be the Bridge small group.

While it was hard to get people who could make and keep the long term commitment of the group and could also handle some truth telling without sugar coating, the end result was well worth it.  As a group they learned to really listen to one another with love and compassion.

The commitment the women made to go through each step of reconciliation and bridge building forged bonds between them that were healing for Retonia and they became not just friends, but sisters.

Moving forward a couple of the women are starting another Be the Bridge group (we love to see groups multiply!) as well as continuing to meet, attend local gatherings, and even travel together.

Are you interested in starting a Be the Bridge small group?  Download the Leader’s Guide today!  It will walk you through each step of the process.

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