The past few years the racial tension in this country has been intense to say the least. To be honest, as a Believer in JESUS, I struggled in my heart with my emotions toward the majority culture. Not because of the media and their propaganda, but because of the hate filled comments I read on Facebook from Caucasian people who not only claimed to be my friends, but my brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

A little over a year ago, at a women’s conference where I was one of three women of color, the issue of racial unity and the Church was a presented by Latasha Morrison and her friends. It was super refreshing and just what I needed to hear. People of GOD being honest and transparent about this issue in the Church. After that presentation, GOD used a little Caucasian lady to minister to the hardness of heart that had developed in me toward them. She got on the microphone and stated, “she refused to let the media dictated to her how she should feel about a group of people when GOD had put something different in her heart”. GOD knew that was just what I needed to hear. Instantly, that shell literally fell off my heart and a hope was poured into me that I did not believe was possible to possess concerning race in this country.

Having only met me minutes before, that little lady (named Peggy) approached me after the presentation and asked me to help her lead a SPIRIT-lead, Bible-based race reconciliation group using Latasha’s guide. It has been about a year since we launched the group and the ride has be long and challenging, but AMAZING. Truly CHRIST is our ONLY hope for unity of any kind on this earth.

So, I wrote out my lengthy testimony for this purpose, to invite you all to a Be the Bridge racial unity workshop that Peggy and I are hosting on May 7th. Latasha Morrison will be leading it, continental breakfast and lunch will be provided and all are welcome. If you want to gain a deeper understanding about race relations in America and/or learn about joining a Christ-centered conversation about racial unity, join us as we hope to engage new people into the hard work race reconciliation. The cost is $15pp, $12pp for groups of 6 or more and free for pastors. Pastors can use the discount code BRIDGEPASTORS12 if they are bringing a group or BRIDGEPASTORS15 if they are coming alone or with fewer than 6 people in their group.

Doors open at 8:30am and the workshop is from 9am to 12:30pm.
Here is the registration link

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