A Word about Reconciliation versus Conciliation:

At Be the Bridge, we recognize the tension in using the word reconciliation to describe the goal of historical and present racial injustice. We understand that reconciliation could imply that there was once a perfect union between people of color and white people in the U.S. and we know this is not true.

We Believe

God has called us all into the “ministry of reconciliation” (2 Corinthians 5:18) and that we are to be reconciled to God and to one another.

We Believe

Complete racial unity and justice cannot happen apart from the reconciling work of Jesus Christ on the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit to move individuals to make peace with God and all humankind.

We Believe

Through God all things will be reconciled to Himself (Colossians 1:20) and that this reconciling work has the power to remove the enmity, alienation, prejudice, and self-interest that which otherwise cannot be removed.

The BTB Way of

There are different ways that people do bridge-building. The BTB way of bridge-building focuses on justice and reconciliation. Our focus is on equity vs. equality and turning away from our broken systems and turning towards justice.

We turn up the voices of the marginalized and require that those in the dominant culture listen, educate themselves on history, grow their empathy muscles and develop language to understand marginalization and oppression.

In these conversations that we’re having at Be the Bridge, there’s not going to be an even exchange of information where we say, “Hey, I’m going to tell what I know, and you tell me what you know.” The fact is history has been erased, hijacked, white-washed, and skewed. We have to set that right with truth-telling. That’s where we start. A lot of people coming to this bridge are coming with a lot of misinformation related to history because we don’t have the same common memory or shared understanding of history.

No one is voiceless unless there’s a medical condition. The reality is people are unheard. We spotlight the stories, the concerns and the injustices of marginalized people groups so that together we can Be the Bridge toward racial reconciliation.

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