It’s a good day to remember to listen to the voices of those who are impacted and marginalized by issues.

When it comes to mascots and other things that use Native names, slogans, and images, listen to and learn from Native Americans.

Listen. Learn. Lament. Leverage.

As bridge builders, we see the Imago Dei in every person. And we intentionally honor every people group and culture, recognizing the creativity, beauty, and purpose of God in each.

So, when there are buildings and schools and mascots that either misrepresent a people group, idolize a person who perpetrated violence and harm and injustice, or dishonor or appropriate a culture, we cannot stay silent.

There is a long history in the United States of sports teams having Native mascots accompanied with chants and chops. Whether you’re looking from a historical perspective, only from a sports spectator viewpoint, or just as a fellow human being, we must be willing to ensure the Native voice is heard and changes are made.

To all of our Indigenous, Native American, and First Nations brothers and sisters,
we see you.
We hear you.
We are with you.

We invite you to sit with the words from our friend, Mariah Humphries, about Native Mascots and Racism:

Mariah Humphries Substack
Mariah Humphries Substack