Be the Bridge is excited to announce the release of Building Bridges: Discussion Guide 3.0. The new and improved 10-session guide has been updated to meet this moment of national racial reckoning, complete with readings from New York Times bestselling author and Be the Bridge founder Latasha Morrison’s book, Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation.

Building Bridges is designed to lead a multi-racial group of 6-12 people through a 10-session study on the key steps in the racial reconciliation process: Awareness, Acknowledgement and Lament, Shame and Guilt, Confession, Forgiveness, Repentance, Making Amends, Restoration, and Reproduction.

Each session involves: 

  • Studying a passage of Scripture
  • Reading background information
  • Sharing personal experiences (and listening to those of others)
  • Prayer and journaling. 

Between sessions, group members are expected to complete educational and experiential homework assignments.

Building Bridges is a downloadable PDF that you can use to study individually or as part of a group. For group leaders, the revamped Leader’s Guide & Kit is available here

The Leader’s Guide & Kit includes:

  • Building Bridges: Leader’s Guide 3.0
  • Building Bridges: Discussion Guide 3.0 (group license)
  • Access to video discussions

The Leader’s Guide provides helpful suggestions about group selection and structure, shepherding a group through difficult topics, preparation for group times, and additional background information on each session.

Ready to start bridge-building? First, join our Facebook Group to find a local BTB Group near you–or gather some friends, family, colleagues, or church members and start your own. Then, download your guides and get to work!

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