In the challenging work of bridge-building, we often cannot tangibly see how our donations are impacting the world. But when bridge-builders share their stories, we can feel the shift in how lives are being impacted.

Meet Melinda Norris Mdluli! Melinda and her husband Anton live in South Africa and support Be the Bridge monthly. They’re active members in a group of interracial couples and blended families, organizing socials to connect with each other around Johannesburg. When she’s not building bridges, Melinda enjoys camping and hiking, church and community event organizing, and anything that includes coffee. 

How did you get involved with Be the Bridge?

I started following some of the BTB staff on Instagram. I joined the Facebook community, then I began listening to the podcast, and now I’m a monthly donor. I look forward to furthering my anti-racist education and contributing to the BTB community. They have already given me so much!

Which Be the Bridge program has impacted you the most? 

The learning module and guides in the Facebook Group have been both challenging and incredibly impactful. It was the first time I had used [guides] on Facebook and another reason I chose to stick with BTB—it shows they are really committed to education dialogue and community. We have found a lot of support and community in this group, and we hope to use this experience for a BTB group when we move back to the U.S. someday.

Why do you choose to support Be the Bridge? 

I dedicate my monthly contribution to my husband, who is a Black South African man. Our interracial marriage benefits from BTB, and I want our future children and their children to benefit too. 

What are three things that bring you hope?

Jesus Christ, my husband and Be the Bridge!

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