After the release of the Netflix docu-series, Colin in Black and White, we hosted a series of panel discussions to get different perspectives. The panel discussions featured a lineup of guests who speak to their own experiences as they relate to Colin’s. We’ve shared each recording below so you can rewatch and share with friends who aren’t on Facebook!

Panel 1: A Reflection on Transracial Adoption

This panel features Angela Tucker, Anthony Vernon and Brittany Nash, who are all Black transracial adoptees. This panel is moderated by our BTB TRA Educator, Tiffany Henness, who is also a transracial adoptee. This LIVE discussion originally took place on November 15th, 2021.

Panel 2: A Reflection on Multiracial Identity

Our panelists are both biracial Black and white: Kevin Hofmann who is also transracially adopted, and Ashley Parrott who is one of our volunteer group administrators. This panel is moderated by our BTB TRA Educator, Tiffany Henness, who is multiracial Asian and white. This LIVE discussion was recorded on November 16th, 2021.

Panel 3: A Reflection on Being a Young Black Man in America

This panel features Seat Watkins (BTB Director of Training), Corregan Brown (BTB Volunteer Administrator), and Matthew Charles (Poet & Podcaster). This panel is moderated by our BTB Director of Programs, Patricia Taylor and was originally recorded on November 17th, 2021.

Panel 4: Conversation Wrap-Up

Our final panel includes the return of Kevin Hofmann, in addition to new panelists, Cole Middleton (BTB Youth Student Leadership Institute graduate), Elizabeth Behrens (BTB 101 Educator), Andrea Middleton (BTB Group Leader Educator) and is moderated by Tiffany Henness (BTB TRA Educator). This panel was originally recorded LIVE on November 18th, 2021.


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