We have an amazing opportunity coming up this week! Here in Austin, a network of churches and ministries get together each year to sponsor a city-wide Good Friday celebration. This year’s event features Kirk Franklin(!) as the musical guest. The event is free to the public, but each year, they take up a “love offering” on behalf of a local non-profit…and this year they chose BE THE BRIDGE!

Will you please join us in praying for generous hearts that night, so lots of money will be raised for our cause? Will you also ask God if He would have you give to BTB this Good Friday?

If you live in the Austin area, come join us! And make sure to whoop and holler when they introduce Be the Bridge. The show is technically sold out, but organizers have created a FB page for people to exchange their no-longer-needed tickets. If you’re not already part of the Austin Area BTB Community FB group, join now…we’ll try to coordinate a meet-up there.

For those of you not in Austin, you can still give to the love offering by texting BTBGF to 41444. Or you can sign up to give monthly or one-time at BTB’s giving page.