Happy Holidays from Be the Bridge! While you are doing your shopping for all the kids in your life this time of year, we wanted to offer some suggestions of options for the little bridge builders in your life. Feel free to share your other favorites in the comment section!

For the artists on your list, make sure they can color people in the wide variety of colors they come in. These are also a great way to begin conversations with preschool-aged children about all the lovely shades of skin there are.

Use these to create you own nativity set, models of family and friends, or any characters they’d like.  Brown water color works great to dye the wooden pegs any skin tone you’d like!

Not feeling that crafty?  Ryan’s Room makes families of various races to use in your favorite doll house.

Has a children’s book ever made you break down crying?  This one will do it.  Read along as a boy, his pet elephant, and the friends he meet create a club where everyone (with all their differences) is allowed.

Books are such an easy way to open up dialogue about race and the ways we are all different and the same.  We love this one!

For the music-lovers in your life, this collection of songs is both educational and fun.

We always recommend that children have all different races represented in their books, toys, and media.  These dolls with their natural hair are a beautiful addition to any doll collection.

And these super héros come in White, Asian, Hispanic, and Black options!

For the child overloaded with toys, the gift of an experience is a great option.  The movie Coco that is in theaters now is a beautiful celebration of Mexican culture and a great movie for the whole family.

These Brain Quest decks are great for long car trips or waiting rooms when you want a fun way to engage your kids.

Happy shopping!

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