We know this time of year is filled with gift buying. For the special teachers in your children’s lives, we would love to give you some bridge building ideas that break the mold.

The gift of caffeine for a teacher is always appreciated! Check out our new Be the Bridge mugs and pop a gift card to a local coffee shop in there for a quick and easy gift.



If you have a high school teacher to shop for, the Be the Bridge discussion cards are perfect!  They can be used to start honest, hard conversations in the classroom and beyond.


Black History Month is coming up soon, prepare your child’s teacher in advance with some helpful resources they can use in the classroom!  Click the pictures to order.


Help your child’s teacher create a more inclusive classroom space by acknowledging all the shades of brown our skin comes in with craft supplies.

And finally, for the teacher who is wanting to better learn how to meet the needs of the children in their classroom, we recommend these great resources.


What other great bridge building gift ideas for teachers have you come up with?  We would love to hear about them.

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