Atlanta Black-owned businesses

Supporting Black-owned businesses is an act of community-minded justice. Be the Bridge is based in Atlanta, and so we gathered together a few of our team’s favorite Black-owned businesses around Atlanta!


Use your purchasing power to make an impact for a Black business owner and to make a statement to the economy. You cast a vote for the world you want to live in with every dollar you spend. Spend it on acts of justice!


Show your support by following the business, author, or organization on social media. Engaging on posts widens their reach and expands their opportunities. Every follow, like, share, save really does help and brings encouragement.

Review & Refer

When you leave positive reviews on Facebook, Google, or another app, it invites others to see and support. Reviews and referrals truly make a difference!


Whether you are sharing your email address for their newsletter, time at their event, finances for their products or services, attention as you learn from them, or something else, you’re making an investment that influences others and creates systemic change.

Supporting Black-owned businesses is justice work.

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